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The rejection of the death penalty is a founding value of the European Union, and its abolition a prerequisite sine qua none à une adhésion à l’UE. Dans le cadre de son engagement à défendre les droits de l’homme, elle a, au fil des ans, développé un rôle de leader dans la lutte contre la peine de mort dans le monde.

The legal principle of abolition in all circumstances is thus enshrined in European texts and in the domestic legislation of all its Member States.

The principle that a national court may not sentence a defendant to death is affirmed by both the Council of Europe and the European Union. Thus, in accordance with Protocols No. 6 and No. 13 to the European Convention on Human Rights, amending Article 2 of the Convention, all Council of Europe Member States have abolished the death penalty in practice.

These achievements are the result of the efforts and determination of activists, the most influential of whom are presented below. 



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